Monday, November 21, 2011

The O'Briens Invade El Paso

On the night of Friday, November 18th the whole O'Brien clan arrived safely in El Paso after flying waaaay west (from Orlando).  Kyle and I met them at the airport, squeeeeeezed them into the Explorer, and hauled everybody to grab some grub and refuel after a long day of travel.

Before their arrival, I had scoured all of the Internet restaurant reviews for El Paso, and I finally decided on Mexican cuisine from local L & J Inc. Cafe, which has been open since 1927.  Now, Kyle and I hadn't tried this place before, but many customers had rated it positively.

Dad and I were both rockin' our Furman gear.  FU all the time!

Well, we were glad that we trusted their advice because the food was delicious.  Plus, the portions were generous and the prices reasonable.  On the down side, the atmosphere became a little rowdy thanks to a large party celebrating near the bar.  However, with all the yumminess and love at our table, we couldn't be bothered.  Besides,  we've never been described as quiet folk anyway.

Mexican Must Really Excite Mom

Everyone approved of the restaurant selection, and there was even talk of possibly stopping there again before my family's return flight.  We O'Briens are known for thinking ahead (when it comes to food anyway).  We finished the meal off with some sweet, honey-drizzled sopapillas and then made the hour long car ride to Las Cruces.

Rebekah Gettin' Her Sopapilla on

The restaurant is famous for being located across from the graveyard.  So, we got a picture there!