Friday, February 25, 2011

Lava and Lead

Just when I thought we'd hiked every Cruces path and mountain trail, Kyle pulled up to a huge lava mass in the middle of nowhere.  "This is different," I thought to myself.  

Among acres of depressed, desert expanse and a few tan mountains loomed a big, black bluff, seeming very odd and out of place.  Its steep, rocky terrain resembled crushed Oreos and sounded like shards of glass breaking beneath our boots.  The lava was garnished with countless empty shells and cartridges, so we added to the collection along the way.  

After enduring the strong winds, we finally reached the summit, which at 4,700 feet, provided a broad view of God's glorious handiwork.  We don't know much about the mysterious lava mountain, like how or when it got there.  I can say with certainty that its solitude and the freedom  it gave us to park, hike and shoot as we pleased was an enjoyed and welcomed surprise.

Can you spot the car?

Blustery Peak

How It's Done

Leftover Snow

My Rugged Mountain Man

I got a lesson in how to shoot all of the guns.