Sunday, November 13, 2011

Welcome to the World Amelia Grace!

Our dear friends, Amanda and Jared, gave birth to their first child on November 12th.  Since we'd only known them as parents-to-be, we had literally and quite anxiously been awaiting the arrival of Amelia Grace (Millie) for months on end (eight to be exact).  

7lbs. 14 oz. of Pure Angel
I serenaded her with a lullaby rendition of Happy Birthday!

Her birth story will make an enthralling tale for her grandkids one day.  It began with Millie surprising Mommy in Wal-Mart when Amanda's water broke.  Nurse Amanda didn't panic.  She didn't even rush to the hospital.  Rather, she stopped for a bite at Sub-Way, ran home to take a couple of showers and did everything she could to delay Millie's delivery.  

Can you believe this woman just gave birth?  She looks phenominal, right?
You're settin' a high bar there Amanda.

Don't be alarmed.  Amanda is a responsible medical professional and loving mother.  She simply wanted Millie to do some waiting since Jared's mom and grandmother were still en route to New Mexico.  That's where Kyle and I come in as chauffeurs of the day!  We successfully picked up the West Virginia kin from the El Paso airport and delivered them safely to Las Cruces.  

We had been waiting and praying for you for  Little Millie.  You're more precious than we ever imagined!

Allow me to make an even longer story shorter and spotlight its star. Millie stayed in vetro long enough for her visitors to experience and celebrate her birth.  What a perfect gift from God she is!  We love you, Amanda, Jared and sweet Baby Amelia.

Beautiful Family