Thursday, February 17, 2011

What is Love?

Since it's February and cupid's arrows are flying freely, I deemed there no better time to explore the timeless conundrum called "love."  For answers, I turned to my young, yet insightful students.  Here's what they had to say.

Our Class Valentine's Day Celebration

I make "celebrations" educational.  Yes, I'm one of those teachers.

 "Love is caring." - Ruby

"Love is missing somebody a lot when they're far, far 
away." - Dominic (This one really hit home.)

Daniel's comforting response: "If they're far away you can send them a letter and put a Valentimes card inside it."  Is it obvious why I love Daniel?

"Love is sharing your toys." - Yazzie 

So Many Sweets

"Love is when somebody makes you feel happy." - Nehemiah

"Love is when you respect people." - Aislyn

"Love is when you give someone cards." - Ethan

Graphing Data on Conversation Heart Candies

Check out that loot!

"Love is giving." - Aaliyah

 "Love is being nice to someone." - Nicolas

"Love is not pushing or shoving." - Daniel

Card Delivery Time

Proud Baker of Homemade Cupcakes

"Love is sharing." - Vanessa

"Love is not hitting." - Christian

"Love means you like your dog, cat or someone very, very, very much." - Gabriel

Decked out in Heart Attire

"Love is when you take care of people." - Xavier

"Love is being nice to your brother." - Charlize

"Love means you buy people stuff like folders and notebook papers." - Sean

My life as a teacher gives me the daily pleasure of escaping a world often pervaded by cynicism and jaded, artificial views of love. However, love according to first graders is simple, sincere and, in my opinion, spot on.  It's refreshing and a blessing to be surrounded by the version of love that is their reality.  Thanks to them, it has become mine too.