Monday, March 21, 2011

Not Quite Gushing Springs

Here's something new we learned about Joe.  He is quite the hiker, a natural really.  With camera and water bottle in hand, Joe dominated the Organ Mountains.  Not only did he fearlessly hike to Dripping Springs with us, but he actually wanted to trek further, beyond the turnaround point.  

He was, however, a tad disappointed by Dripping Springs' less than waterfall-like qualities.  Joe compared the Springs to a leaky faucet and justifiably so.  But, what more can you expect from a body of water located in the Chihuahuan Desert?  After all, it is called Dripping Springs, not  "rippling" or "gushing" or "surging" springs. 


Gorgeous Day

Walking, Walking, Walking

So Happy

The Springs!  Drip.  Drop.  Drip.  Drop.

Up High


Making Sure I Don't Fall

The View

Former Hotel