Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Green Thumb

Kyle decided to try his luck at gardening and purchased an Early Girl tomato plant from the Farmers and Crafts Market.    

Laura, (self-proclaimed) "Master Gardener"

These were the instructions from the "Master Gardener" who sold Kyle the Early Girl:
  • Select a big pot with plenty of room for roots to grow
  • Place 1/3 soil in pot, and use remaining 2/3 of pot to plant Early Girl
  • Fertilize every 3-4 weeks
  • Place in direct sunlight
  • Water soil, not stems and leaves
  • Drown soil when watering, and use pot that drains

The Grower and His Girl

To complete Kyle's horticulture initiative, we picked up soil, a pot and watering can.  Then it was time to get down and dirty... and plant.

Gettin' His Gardening On

I have faith that Kyle's crop will be jazzin' up our salads, pizzas, omelettes and bruschetta in no time at all.  But, just in case, cross your fingers that his green thumb will nurture a fresh, home-grown supply of luscious, juicy 'maters.