Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Guardian Angel

Stacy's Birthday Party

God knew my time in New Mexico would have its hurdles, especially when it came to the teaching arena.  To help me through it, He provided my dear friend, Stacy.  You may remember her from earlier posts on Easter and our San Diego trip.  Anyway, she's a top teacher at my school whose darling daughter, Charlize, happened to be in my class.  

Joint Cultural Night Celebration for Both Our Classes

Healthy Cooking Date

From the get-go, Stacy mentored me and showed me the ropes to teaching in New Mexico.  Her  sense of humor keeps me in stitches, while her faith inspires me to trust and grow more in Him.  It's her support and encouragement that helped me survive my most trying moments when nothing seemed to be going right.  In fact, Stacy has become such a close friend that I can't imagine New Mexico without her, my guardian angel.
Pajama Day at School