Thursday, August 12, 2010

Desert Dogs

Since we don't have any kids, I'm guessing that's why people frequently ask us if our dogs like New Mexico. My response is always, "If their countless canine kisses and vivacious tail wags are any indication, then Tiney and Lola are most definitely diggin' the desert!"

Phew! It sure gets hot here!

Here in Cruces, we have a spacious backyard, which despite what Tiney thinks, is ideal for potty breaks and exercise, not barking and stick chewing. Also at home, there's cool, refreshing, tile flooring to sprawl out on during hot desert days and plenty of neighborhood sidewalks for morning and evening strolls. Crazy for canines, the city of Cruces is home to at least 4 pet stores and has a complimentary dog park where Tiney and Lola meet and play with new bone-lovin' buddies.

Lola, our Havana Silk Dog (Havanese)

However, one thing that New Mexico is missing, and consequently so are Tiney and Lola, is their Florida family (of the human and canine kinds). On the bright side, Tiney and Lola are looking forward to reuniting with Bella Bichon and The Ruddy-Myster, along with the rest of the Sims and O'Brien clans come Christmas.
Valentine aka "Tiney," our Yorkshire Terrier

In closing, Tiney and Lola, formerly known as mighty Maryland mutts, have effortlessly transitioned into their new roles as daring desert dogs. Although I don't speak Woof, I think it's safe to say that these pooches give Cruces their paw print of approval!