Sunday, October 23, 2011

Escape Artist

Our sneaky fur ball friend Tiney has been greeting us at the door when we return home from running.  Mind you, this is after leaving her and Lola locked up, confined to their doggie domain.  

We'd been wondering exactly how our escape artist was breaking loose.   So, we did what any top-notch detective would.  We used our spy gear, a video camera, to catch the culprit in the act.  Here's what we captured.

Tiney has been closing and crawling up the door to her crate.  From there, she carefully maneuvers across the top of the crate to freedom.  During this whole charade, Lola lays watching unimpressed, as if she's seen it happen a thousand times before.  

Now that the secret's out, we're repositioning the dog bed to ensure the dog crate door stays open.  Time for Tiney to say so long to days of running footloose and fancy free and for me to get some peace of mind.