Saturday, September 24, 2011

Science Has a Cute Curly Tail

One New Mexico science standard for first grade covers "animal needs".  To teach it, my science kit lesson recommended a classroom visitor, of the pet variety.  I considered my limited list of furry and scaly friends and decided on a real top dog that I knew would be up for the challenge. 

In case you haven't already guessed, Lola was the lucky dog who brought Mrs. Sims' hands-on learning to life.  My six and seven-year olds were thrilled to receive a thorough report and detailed ear full from me on everything Lola.  Petting and walking Lola, feeding her treats and getting her sweet doggie kisses were just a bonus.  Ya, I'm sure of it.  

Unsurprisingly, Lola, along with her cute curly tail, was a hit.  Who knows?  Maybe she'll make a return visit since Miss Pupular has already received several invitations back. 

A Handful of Young Lola Lovers

Proof Learning Occurred

Did you spot Lola's crate in Mrs. Sims' house?  By the way, that's me and Mr. Sims with the stick arms.

I like how the heart (love) is included with the dog bowl.

Please note Lola's red Kong toy under "What does it look like?".

The graphic organizers decorated our room beautifully.