Saturday, September 10, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

This saying holds much truth, doesn't it?  At home you're surrounded by friends and family who are familiar with your past and often know you better than anyone else.  In spite of this, they love you... bunches and bunches.  What a comfort and joy to be around those who find humor in the same things as you, share your childhood memories and rate as goofy as you. 

Kyle and I made a quick visit home to Orlando over Labor Day weekend and got to experience exactly what I described.  Highlights for me included reunions with old friends, spectating at Val's soccer game, meeting precious Baby Lucas, and celebrating my birthday with my a-ma-zing family for the first time in over five years.  For Kyle, he enjoyed motorbiking around town and to Daytona with his family and celebrating me at my birthday bash with the Sims and O'Brien clans combined.

I wasn't as faithful to photographing during this trip as I would have liked.  Ohhhhhhh well.  I think it's because I was simply soaking everything in and savoring every minute with my favorite people, pictures or not.

Lunch Date with My High School Friend Des (Miss her!)

There's that Smiling Fan Club I Love

Kyle Cruisin'

Thanksgiving Dinner in September in Honor of My Birthday


Kyle and Cory Driving Bikes (Joe and Cheryl Following)

Hello sweet Lucas!  I love you already.

Sims Men at the Beach

My sister's a celebrity.

Thanks to everyone for an incredible birthday party and trip home!