Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Sewing Initiative

Thanks to my most loving and talented mother, I grew up clothed in hand made costumes fit just for me.  It was a little girl's dream come true.  For every Halloween, school play and homecoming dress-up day, I magically transformed to fairy, tiger, rock star, ladybug and even Quailman and Rainbow Bright.

Materials Prepped and Ready

Ripped jacket?  Loose buttons?  Dress in need of straps?  Pants too long?  Not a problem in my household.  My Momma's you're woman.  Both my mom and Grandma Sadie were blessed with a gift when it comes to needle and thread.  Admiring their talent and recognizing its value, I ventured out and gave sewing a go this summer.

With practically no experience, I had my fingers crossed, hoping I'd inherited at least an ounce of sewing savvy.  My first step was to  select a simple pattern.  Next, I picked out fabric and researched sewing machines.  Deciding on a Brother, I purchased my machine online, and had it delivered to my doorstop.

Sewing Together Pinned Front and Back of Bib

Since my cousin's baby-on-the-way was making an August debut, Auntie JoJo adopted a bib as her first official sewing project.  Although very basic and straightforward (as patterns go), the bib was anything but that for this amateur.  Specifically, attaching ribbon and hand sewing the opening (used to pull the bib right side in) are what gave me some trouble.  Luckily, my go to master seamstress (Mom) added final touches to the bib and perfected in time for sweet little Lucas's arrival.  

Auntie Val with Baby Lucas and His Robot Bib

I'm still nowhere close to the sewing legacies in my family, and I probably never will be.  However, I can say that I am one bib down (or at least three quarters of a bib down) on what will hopefully be many, many more future sewing endevers.