Wednesday, June 8, 2011

San Diego Doings

It was no accident that we selected San Diego as our ideal marathon location.  The  California city stole our hearts three years ago and will remain a beloved vacation destination 'til the end of time... unless it becomes home first.  We figured its long stretching beaches, mild 70-degree temperature, breathtaking cliffs and palm tree lined downtown could quite possibly make a 26.2-mile race seem more like heaven than hell.  

So, we traveled the 10-hour drive from Las Cruces and played the role of not just zealous runners, but tourists too.  We enlisted two additional voyagers, my friend Stacy and her daughter Charlize, who, like us, were yearning for some sunny San Diego.  In this case, the saying, "the more the merrier" proved true.  As expected, San Diego afforded us a most incredible visit and memories of a monumental feat we'll surely never forget. 

The Marina

View from the Hotel Balcony

Beach at Coronado Island