Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Cup Runneth Over

Moving to any new place, especially the middle of the desert, thousands of miles away from anyone you know, can be unpredictable and intimidating. Not to mention abandoning your home and job to relocate to a state that you've never visited can be quite a courageous undertaking and colossal leap of faith.  

Beautiful bouquet delivered to our front door in Las Cruces

Despite the countless changes and uncertainties and bumps along this relocation journey, we have felt so fortunate to have the support and encouragement of family and friends.  So many people have showered us  with  kindness, generosity and love in the form of emails, hand written letters, prayers, Facebook messages and wall postings, Omaha steak deliveries, Skype dates, goodbye hugs, text messages, greeting cards, phone calls, blog posts, farewell mementos,  "welcome home" flowers, promises to visit, bittersweet sendoffs, voicemail, snacks for the long road trip, blog followings,  etc. 

 We won't be going hungry any time soon with all of this Omaha meat!

Although I did not mention names, each of you who reached out to us during this somewhat sudden and momentous transition know who you are, and we  sincerely appreciate you.  Please know and never forget that we count each and every one of you as a blessing in our life.  Thanks to you and your continued support, we have felt surprisingly surrounded by love in this unfamiliar and foreign desert land.  For that, we are most grateful, and we praise God.  Our cup runneth over!