Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's the Little Things

Isn't it funny how sometimes the simplest things in life can unexpectedly bring us the greatest pleasure?  If you're like me, then these things can include  finding a rainbow in the sky or a great sale at the mall.  The truth is that these "little things" are always around us and a part of our  everyday lives.  It may be hard to believe since they often go unnoticed, but they're there, waiting to brighten our day and be recognized for the blessings they are.  My life is a prime example, as I sit alone in the peace of my empty dining room writing this post and unfolding all of the "little things" I am grateful for today.  

Thanks to Pandora, the sweet, smooth sound of Smokey Robinson's voice is flowing freely, and I'm humming alongThe sunlight is filtering in through my skylights, brightening the space surrounding me, and I'm staring at my favorite purple mug filled with steaming joe.  In between typing my personal thoughts on my MacBook, I hold my mug double fisted close to face, taking sip after sip.  The aroma of freshly brewed coffee has filled the house, and as I close my eyes, I breathe in deeply, taking great delight in the moment.

I reflect on how this morning began, with a kiss goodbye from my best friend before the dawn had even broken.  I fell back into a deep slumber, and the next thing I knew, it was 6:30 a.m., and the sound of my alarm startled me as I laid wrapped in the cool sheets lining my bed.  I rose to let out the dogs, and as if we didn't run through the same, predictable routine every morning, they were more excited than ever to greet me in my sleepy state.  I stepped out into my quiet backyard, damp from last night's late storm and spotted a tiny hummingbird gracefully perched on a branch heavy from its damp, dripping leaves.  I stared silently as it flew to our feeder and hovered there for a moment, sipping up its sweet breakfast treat.  

Then I was off for a four-mile run along a gravel path with a mountain laden horizon.  My mind wandered as my feet unconsciously carried me step by step.  Prayers were offered.  A to-do list of laundry to wash, emails to write, phone calls to make, dinner to prepare and job applications to complete was formulated.  Dreams and hopes for a bright future were imagined.  

The sun stayed behind the clouds long enough for me to finish my early exercise, which left me feeling refreshed and renewed.  When I made it back home, it was time to refuel with a deliciously creamy Greek yogurt topped with crunchy, sliced almonds.  After scraping out every last bite, the dogs and I took a walk around the neighborhood, and I smiled as I watched them playfully romp through the wet blades of fresh, green grass.  

Smelling coffee in the morning, admiring the look of the rain-kissed outdoors, eating Greek yogurt topped with nuts, drinking from a beloved cup and catching a good tune on the radio may seem like meaningless and insignificant activities.  I'll admit that they certainly aren't resume material or financially profitable, and for those reasons, they're not exactly how I'd prefer to be spending this time.  Nevertheless, I've deemed them at the very least blog worthy since they're on my long list of "little things" bringing me insurmountable joy on this beautiful Tuesday.  

With a thankful heart, I am cherishing the precious gift of this slow, quiet morning.  After all, it has afforded me the opportunity to appreciate and blog about the "little things" blessing my life, and I know there will come a time, probably more than one, when I'll wish I could have it back.  Until then, I am seeking out and savoring the "little things" and hoping that you'll be inspired to do the same.