Monday, September 27, 2010

El Mercado

This Cruces market is not to be confused with the Farmers and Crafts Market that I've raved about in earlier posts. The market I am writing about today is  Las Cruces's Big Daddy's Flea Market, which brings me the story of my first trip there.  

With high hopes, Kyle and I decided to try something new and check out Big Daddy's Flea Market one Saturday morning.  We quickly learned that the people and products of the two Cruces markets differed immensely.  In fact, it felt like all eyes were on us since Kyle and I were two of very few, pale-faced, English-speaking gringos.  We didn't stay at the Flea Market for long since practically all of the "goods" for sale looked like they had been illegally smuggled from Mexico or salvaged from dumpsters and yard sales.  

Not surprisingly, Kyle and I looked down every aisle, but there wasn't anything we couldn't live without.  It's certainly true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is why I'm not beholding anything from there!  To be fair, I will give the Cruces Flea Market a break because we did end up buying two keys and getting them cut there for a pretty good price a week later.  

You know, if you're looking for 25-pound bags of chile peppers, cheap Mexican souvenirs, greasy tools and car parts or gently-used adult Velcro shoes (Cory), then the Las Cruces Flea Market might be right up your alley.  As for me and Kyle, when it comes to Las Cruces markets, we will most likely be sticking with the Farmers and Crafts Market.  

Even though we sadly learned that the Flea Market wasn't going to become our new favorite hangout, the trip wasn't a complete loss.  It gave me a topic to blog about, and now I know of a great place to visit when I want to practice speaking Spanish.  Plus, the outing ended with a trip to the Farmers and Crafts Market and two bags of Southwest Kettle Korn.  So, with all things considered, I'd say it was a very delicious and worthwhile excursion!