Saturday, October 9, 2010

Salsa Fest on Main


Our passes giving us the green light for salsa tasting

If anyone knows salsa, it's most certainly Las Cruces, New Mexico. In fact, I've never seen a town or people so passionate about their chunky chip dip.  As expected, Las Cruces pulled out all the stops for their annual Salsa Fest this summer.

Step 1: Take a taste.

Step 2: Nomb, nomb, nomb.  Wait for it...

Step 3: It's a winner!
The main attraction of the local event was unsurprisingly the salsa, which visitors formed long lines to sample.  Featuring over 20 homemade entries and an array of commercial salsas, there was plenty of chip dippin' goin' down on Main Street.  Admission to the festival was free and taste testing and voting ran salsa lovers a mere $3.

Another satisfied salsa sampler

Delic Salsa = Lots of Empty Sample Tubs
In addition to salsa, the city celebration featured face painting, live Salsa music and dancing, magic tricks, snow cones, kettle corn, traditional Mexican  dishes,  local vendors and chile pepper decorations EVERYWHERE.  There was something for everyone to enjoy, and enjoy ourselves we did!

These hermanas and their green chile salsa won my vote for 1st place.
The spirited announcer who couldn't be ignored