Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Wheels

Ta-da!  It's our AWESOME new bikes... on a nifty rack!

We broke in our "new wheels" with a long 6 mile ride on a blustery winter day.  The chilly, piercing winds and steep inclines gave this Florida girl from the flat lands a run for her money.  Trying to keep up with my road warrior husband didn't make things any easier I might add.  So, right off the bat, I decided I needed to invest in a water bottle and holder for long treks.  I would also be needing a kickstand so that I could dismount for a pit stop every now and again.

While riding, Kyle and I stumbled across a great scenic path that runs along a golf course and through several quiet neighborhoods.  There's breathtaking views of mountain ranges in several directions, and the path is fully equipped with people and pet water fountains, trashcans and doggy clean-up stations.  It's a great location for not just biking, but also long distance runs and weekend walks with the girls.

Towards the end of our ride, I spotted an old woman walking in the middle of the path.  As I approached her to pass, I noticed her making a rather poor and dangerous decision.  She began slowly drifting towards the side of the path where I was riding.  Afraid I'd be pushed off the path and into traffic, I started making an odd and desperate assortment of noises... ahhhh, hey, excuse me... yoo hoo!  She turned around only to see me barreling towards her at an uncontrollable speed.  She screamed, "Don't kill me now!"  In a shaky voice, I replied, "I'll try not to." 

In case you're wondering, I managed to keep my balance while coming to a screeching halt, and the elderly woman escaped unscathedTo avoid potential biking hazards like this from happening again, I'm praying that Grandma will refrain from walking smack in the middle of the pathway.  I, on the other hand, will be purchasing two more bike accessories, in addition to the aforementioned items: 1.) A bell to protect unsuspecting pedestrians from me and 2.) A helmet to protect me from unsuspecting pedestrians.  

My Road Warrior

I'm thankful that braking in the bikes did not transpire into braking an old woman, or any of my bones for that matter.  Disaster was averted.  I made it home a bit weary and worn, but in one piece nonetheless.