Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow for Jo

I got word this summer that Las Cruces gets snow, only light dustings, but snow nonetheless.  Since then I've been dying to experience a New Mexico snowfall, despite getting buried under last year's Snowpocalypse in Maryland.  We missed a couple flurries while visiting family for Christmas, so I was afraid we wouldn't get another chance at a southwestern winter wonderland.  

You can imagine my surprise and excitement when snow popped up on this week's weather forecast.  Although Kyle was skeptical, I was E-C-S-T-A-T-I-C and overly optimistic.  I even promised my students that we'd play outside the instant anything resembling snow fell from the sky.  We were all hopeful, but there was no sight of precipitation 'til later this evening.  

I was all smiles and Kyle and the dogs didn't mind the flakes either!  Now I can officially say that I've enjoyed my first New Mexico snow shower.  Put simply, it was delightful.

Lola's practically ready for the Iditarod.  Well, almost.

I finally convinced Kyle to come out in the snow for a quick photo.

Tiney thought New Mexico snow was DELICIOUS!