Friday, June 17, 2011

The Morning Of

Fast forward to the morning of the race.  We rose puffy-eyed at 4:00 a.m., eager to get to the race.  However, this would come later than planned due to the overwhelming miles upon miles of packed, bumper-to-bumper traffic filling every city road in sight.  

Despite our attempt to get an early, ahead of schedule start, our planned departure time was too late to compete with the pre-race rush.  Afraid we'd miss the last shuttle to the start line, we made an on-the-spot decision to pull off into an available downtown parking garage.  Relieved to be parked and on foot, we booked it several blocks to the race.  

Kyle and I made it to the location where the race was scheduled to start, but we encountered another obstacle.  This time nature was to blame.  The bathroom was calling and could not be postponed.  So, we hopped in a long porta-potty line and waited and waited and waited.  The race started, and the first several speedy corrals were released... while we waited and waited.  

After taking our turn and emptying our tanks, we rushed through the crowds of anxious runners.  We arrived at our corral just in time and were officially discharged in a matter of minutes.  From there, we were off!

Phew, the 24 hours leading up to the race start felt like a marathon.  Now for the real 26.2-mile race!

Loo Lines

Still Smiling

Ready to Run