Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Night Before

In case you missed it, the whole reason behind why we drove across three states to get to San Diego was... the marathon.  The culmination of months of grueling training and sacrifice was... the marathon.  It was the night before the race, and we'd come a very long way to make it to that point. 

Following our pasta dinner, we returned early to the hotel, eager to set out our race day clothes, attach our tracking chips and review the course map.  While tending to these last minute details and preparing for bed, I learned it wasn't just a special night for me and the other 30,000 runners competing in tomorrow's San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.  

As it turns out, local high school juniors and seniors were filled with excitement and jitters too.  It was prom, which meant teenage hormones were raging, dancers were grooving and loud hip-hop music was blaring... right outside our hotel room.  The sound of a loud base drum was resonating through the windows and walls and pillow wrapped around my head, and it didn't stop there.  My tired ears stuffed with plugs weren't spared either.

Like any paying customer desperate for a good night's sleep (before her marathon career debut) would do, I called down to the front desk... three times... simply seeking peace and quiet.  To make matters worse, I stubbed my toe while trying to find my way back to the bed in the dark.  If there were any hotel guests able to sleep over the prom festivities, they were wide awake after my painful run in with the bulky dresser. 

After all that, I realized that I should have just crashed the teeny boppers' bash.  My totally hip retainer lisp on live mic, paired with my mad hokey pokey moves could have put that party to rest in no time at all.  To sum things up, the dance finally shut down at eleven, my toe was sore to the touch and the bags below my eyes were very unforgiving.  As for the hotel's egregious error in booking a prom the night before the city-wide marathon, we were compensated for that night's stay.