Monday, August 1, 2011

Escaping Suburbia

We escaped suburbia for a quick hiking trip with our friend Jared.  Off-roading in Jared's convertible Jeep over desert bumps, with the wind blowing in my face, made me feel like a passenger on a wild safari.  

Just Enjoying the Ride

The only difference was that we were stopping to repair a battery cable, not to photograph elephants and wildebeest.  Unfortunately, the Jeep had a lose connection, which caused us to repeatedly lose power.  Finally, after many stops, wire jiggles and crossed fingers, we reached our destination.  

Please work.  Please work.  Please work.

Our hike ended up being an arduous mountain/rock climb and blaze your own path expedition, but don't worry.  No slips or falls resulted in injury... this time.  When I wasn't breaking my fall, I was taking lots of pictures and marveling at the beauty of nature engulfing us.  Our trip was a welcomed retreat from traffic lights and crowded neighborhoods, and it left me feeling refreshed and renewed.

The question remains, "Which way to go?"
Excited to Spot this Combination of Horny Lizard and Toad
Kyle and I on the Rocks