Sunday, August 14, 2011

First Day Memories

Here are some memories of my first day teaching first grade from last year.  Once you read them, you'll understand why I was a bit too overwhelmed to transfer them to the blog at that time.  Now that my first day has arrived yet again, I thought there no better time to finally share them.

My first day went something like this...
  • Confiscating a box of sparklers from a six year old
  • Waiting an hour in the cafeteria for school pictures with a class of restless students 
  • Getting locked out of school after lining my students up outside
  • Hearing the favorite (and rather silly) interview question repeatedly asked during our get-to-know-you game ("What color is your bathroom?")
  • Handing out birthday cupcakes to only half of the class  because I remembered them after bus riders dismissed
  • Being called Miss (not Miss Sims, just Miss) 500+ times 
  • Forgetting my coffee and breakfast at home
  • Finding that there was no spoon in my lunch box for my yogurt
  • Being told my schedule and the time and location of lunch and recess ten minutes before school started
  • Discovering that a desk in my classroom set-up was mysteriously missing that morning
  • Being rushed and dismissing students a couple minutes late after the bell

This year has to be easier.  Dear God, my first day is tomorrow; p-l-e-a-s-e let it be easier.